About Me

I’m a self taught artist, living with my fiancé in the village I grew up in. Whenever possible I spend my hours in my home studio. I like to create my floral abstract pieces mostly in oils or sketching with charcoals and watercolors. 

Nicole lives with her fiancé in a village in Canton of Bern, Switzerland. She works from her home studio, which she calls her safe place. Her passion for art began at a young age, as she admiringly watched her grandpa paint for hours. Soon she began to paint and was gifted her first easel.

Nicole is a self taught, abstract impressionistic artist. She is inspired by flowers’ delicacy, values, forms, and finest details. Them feeling so filigree, but yet so strong. As well as the soft interaction of light and shadows. 

„Painting to me feels like the best lovesong you’ve ever heard“.

She wants to touch the painting’s viewer by letting the artwork speak for itself. There is no such thing as right or wrong interpretations. Her artwork appeals to its viewers because of the composition, the color scheme, or the subject. Or because of the symbolic and the deeper - and to Nicole, very vulnerable - meaning behind her abstract floral artwork. 

Her dream would be to own an atelier flooded with warm light and never-ending inspiration.