about me

I’m an abstract realistic artist, living with my fiancé in the village I grew up in. Whenever possible I spend my hours in my home studio. I like to create my floral abstract pieces mostly in oils or sketching with charcoals and watercolors. 

My passion for art began at a young age, as I admiringly watched my grandpa paint for hours. Soon I began to paint myself and was gifted my first easel.

I'm inspired by flowers’ delicacy, values, forms, and finest details. Them feeling so filigree, but yet so strong. As well as the soft interaction of light and shadows. 




About My Art

Beyond petals and leaves, my work stands for the power of hope. We all face difficulties and challenges in our lives. My artwork reflects the belief that things will unfold as they should. With each brushstroke I carefully lay down on canvas or paper, I want you to remember that we, too, can bloom and flourish.

We all go through personal journeys of growth and development. I want my art to be the light, the reminder of beauty, and the limitless potential that awaits along your path. My goal for each painting is to bring positivity, trust, and hope into the hearts of my audience.

I hope my florals will always be a source of inspiration, a reminder of hope, and a promise of a brighter tomorrow. Let my art bring a touch of optimism and serenity into your world. I firmly believe that beauty and hope can always be found, even amid life's storms.