Oil painting of two flowers

From inspiration to canvas

Flowers hold an indescribable magic for me. Their delicate beauty, the way they bloom and unfold, the resilience in their very existence... each one tells a story. Just like we do ourselves. And it's these stories that I seek to capture and express in my abstract floral oil paintings.

The creative process begins with the humble flower. I find myself drawn to their colors, their shapes, and most importantly, their symbolism. Each flower carries a unique meaning, a message, and when paired thoughtfully, they can create a beautiful symphony of stories.

Once I've found my inspiration, the creative process begins. I create a digital source on my iPad, a visual guide that captures the essence of my inspiration. This process allows me to experiment with colors, composition, and texture, giving me a solid foundation to work upon.

Next, I take brush to canvas, or paper mostly, sketching out my vision. This is where the magic truly begins to unfold. The sketch provides a roadmap, a blueprint that guides me to bring life into my artwork.

And then comes my favorite part – the oil painting. A few years ago, I traded my acrylics for oils and it was a revelation. The buttery texture, the rich and vibrant colors...oil paints bring a depth and nuance to my work that I find irresistible. Each brush stroke, each layer of paint, adds a new dimension to the story I'm telling.

Every painting is truly a journey. For me, it's not just about creating a visually pleasing piece of art, but about evoking emotion, sparking thought, and sharing a part of my soul. It's about the stories we tell, and the beauty we find in the most unexpected places or moments.

I invite you to join me on this journey, to explore the stories that unfold on canvas, and to find a piece of your own story reflected in mine.

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