Collage with the first seven flower paintings of my daily painting challenge.

the first week of my daily painting challenge

The first week of my painting challenge is done, and it feels like much more than just seven days have passed.

I set out to paint more freely, tighten my deadlines, and stay consistent with both my painting routines and social media posts.

In a nutshell, painting turned out better than I expected, except for one painting that didn't make the cut. However, social media had some surprises. Instagram didn't get as much attention as I hoped, but TikTok, with only a small following and minimal use, surprisingly did quite well. I'm curious to see how it will go if I keep sharing on TikTok.

While painting went smoothly, there are areas I want to work on. I aim to get ahead in my painting schedule, maybe two days ahead instead of just one. Weekends were a bit challenging as I balanced studio time with hanging out with my fiancé and friends. I might consider giving myself a day off from painting each week to recharge.

I have some favorite paintings from the first week, but each time I finish a new one, it becomes my new favorite. I'm excited to share them with you, even though I hope for more engagement.

Before starting this challenge, I worried about bothering my followers, especially people I know. Surprisingly, those worries have faded, allowing me to focus more on creating. It's essential not to let those concerns change my mind about sharing my art with everyone.

Have a look at the paintings of the first week.

Day one: Peony

Day two: Peonies


Day three: Jasmine

Day four: Lily

Day five: Another Jasmine

Day six: Pink Oleander

Day seven: Edelweiss

Thank you for following along and reading my blog post about this painting challenge. Now, on to the next seven paintings. :)


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