Flowers are my favorite thing to paint!

Flowers are my favorite thing to paint!

Hello, my lovely friends, I hope you are doing great!

As I mentioned in my last or first-ever blog post, flowers are my absolute favorite subject to paint. Today I want to go deeper and try to define it some more. Long story short would probably sound something along the lines of „I’m fascinated by flowers, because of their shapes, variety, and meaning.“ But there‘s much more to write about.

Let‘s begin with some adjectives that come to my mind as I think about flowers:

  • elegant
  • timeless
  • beautiful
  • colorful
  • sophisticated
  • simple
  • fragile
  • strong
  • meaningful

Let’s stop here, this list would be endless otherwise.

Even the thoughts about flowers in my head right now are endless and endless for inspiration.

Let‘s talk about all the different shapes. Yes, there are obviously different shapes and different types of flowers. But what I’m talking about are the shapes within the flower itself. Those shapes will change according to the light hitting them. With light, there will always be shadows. A flower well-lit looks so different from a flower with light coming only from one site. It is still the same flower, but the shapes and colors change so much because of the light.

Let me show you an example:

Do you see it? Isn’t it so fascinating?

The next point is the meaning flowers hold. So many symbolics in each plant. It amazes me, I still have to learn a lot about the meaning of flowers because there is so much to read and learn about.

This is the foundation of my ongoing “Feminine Beauty” series. I only have listed a few prints at this point, but I plan to keep adding new prints and paintings as this is an ongoing series at the moment.

The “Feminine Beauty” series is about how many similarities I see between women and flowers. Characteristics I see in women as I read about the symbolics of flowers I had the urge to paint those meaningful pieces. I don’t have the expectation, that people who buy my art have to know about the symbolics or the meaning behind it. You should love what you see and create your own connection with the piece.

I hope I could show you a few things that inspire me to paint flowers. There is a lot more about them, and I will definitely keep talking about flowers in my posts. :)

Thank you for reading!

Bye for now 💕


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