Studio Stories

Studio Stories

Lately, I felt a bit frustrated and not content with my work. After a while, I realized, that I didn’t paint as much, and painting was always put as the last priority on my to-do list, because of everything else. I was redesigning my website, working on some graphic design stuff, and also my two part-time jobs. It was a few weeks since I last painted. So I finally sat at my desk, squeezed out some fresh paint onto my palette, and started to paint. It wouldn’t have surprised me if I hated what I created since my headspace wasn’t the best. But to my surprise, I loved every minute of it and this was the moment it clicked. I was missing painting so much that my mood was affected. It felt so inspiring and showed me again why I’m doing what I’m doing. And at this moment I decided that painting needs to be my top priority and nothing less. Not because I want to create as much as possible, but because I simply need it.

Experimenting with a limited palette was also a very welcome alternative. I technically only used four colors in total for my newest small paintings. The three primary colors plus white. So with only red, blue, and yellow, I mixed my own colors and I loved how cohesive the painting looked.

As I mentioned above I redid my website over the last few weeks or months. And with this revision, I finally added art prints and digital prints which I am so excited about. There aren’t too many at the moment, but there will definitely be more soon. For those of you wondering what the difference between these two might be, I will tell you now.

Art prints will be printed on demand at one of the printers offices I work with and they will be shipped to you from there. All of my prints are high-quality giclée prints on unstretched canvas. I’ve wanted to offer prints for the longest time, but to be honest, I always felt a bit intimidated by all the work that comes with it. I didn’t know where to start or how to do it on my own. But like everything else, it didn't feel as overwhelming once I started step after step. During the process of scanning, editing, and preparing the prints I had the idea about offering digital prints, to meet all the needs of my customers.

Digital prints are prints you print in the comfort of your own home or at your local printer's office. Basically, I turn my paintings into digital files you’ll be able to download them after purchase. There will be no physical print shipped. You’ll get five different files with different ratios so you can print the one that fits your needs best.

For me, digital prints hold the meaning of creative freedom. As an artist, you often hear to choose only one niche and stick with it, which makes sense. But often times I felt stuck because I felt I couldn’t paint whatever I want because it wouldn’t fit with my niche. Digital prints take that pressure off. I like to sketch with graphite and watercolor, but wouldn’t consider it as my highest work, so I didn’t feel confident enough to share them.

In my next post, I’ll share the pieces I’m currently working on.

Speak to you soon 💕


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