a little something about my inspirations, my work and myself


Ever since I can remember, I always was drawing and painting.

The first paintings I did, were probably as soon as I could've hold a brush myself.

Even my paintings nowadays remind me of my childhood - my childhood room to be exact. I had the most beautiful view out of my windows - where I could observe the weather. All the incredible summer- or snowstorms. Or just looking at the moody and cloudy skies was always my favorite thing to do.

Other than that I take a lot of inspiration from nature, plants and flowers. Even though, I definitely don't have a green thumb myself - but I'm working on it. ;)


Furthermore the interaction of shadows, how they dance so softly in the light, complementary and analogous colors. I always know paintings are finished when I look at them and feel right at home. It's this safe and sound feeling I get.

I mostly paint in oils now, which for a long time I only used acrylics and never knew how much I would love oils - just because I was terrified to give oil paints a try...

My process is intuitive, slow and gentle with a lot of standing back and looking at my work in progress. "Listen" to the painting what it will need next. I love to experiment with techniques and new mediums, there's so much more to explore and so much more room to grow.