About Nicole and Nicalier

Ever since I can remember, I always was drawing and painting. The first paintings I did, were probably as soon as I could hold a brush myself. Later I would paint on my first canvases. My first easel I got for my ninth birthday. After some time I kinda forgot about my passion, because I was busier with schoolwork. A few years later my passion relived and after my apprenticeship, I did some kind of an art school, where I learned a lot about techniques. Since then I knew I want to become a fulltime artist.

Even my paintings nowadays remind me of my childhood - my childhood room to be exact. I had the most beautiful view out of my windows - where I could observe the weather. All the incredible summer- or snowstorms. Or just looking at the moody and cloudy skies was always my favorite thing to do.

Another big inspiration of mine is the interaction of shadows and lights, complementary and analogous colors. So I always know paintings are finished when I look at them and feel right at home. It's this safe and sound feeling I get.

I paint mostly in acrylics, but I like to experiment with different mediums, like oils, watercolors or even grinding my own pigments and make my own paints.

But my paintings are done in acrylics and oil pastels on canvas with mostly flat brushes and sometimes palette knives.

My process is slow and gentle with a lot standing back and looking at my work in progress and listen to the painting what it needs next. In my process is a lot of adding and subtracting involved.