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from color 

to canvas

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Do you feel stuck in your paintings? You don't know how to find a fitting color palette for your next piece? Or you feel like your most recent painting is meh, and it's missing something, but you can't figure out what it is? 

This eBook is a short and very personal little book packed with so much information. All things I wished someone told me about, when I started painting. It is written for beginner artists and also hobby artists who would love to improve their art. 

I wanted this eBook to have the feel of talking to an artist friend. Things I had to figure out myself and tips I evolved over time. And now I would love to share with you.

take your painting from good to stunning

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🎨 improve your art with a few simple steps

🎨 how to find a stunning color palette

🎨 how and where to find inspiration 

🎨 mistakes you want to avoid in your compositions

🎨 take beautiful shots for your social media 

🎨 tips about photograph your art

🎨 take your art from good to stunning

🎨 and so much more!

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I wished I had something like "From Color To Canvas" or even someone telling me all this valuable information when I first started painting. 

It would've saved me many hours of frustration. With just a few simple tips and steps, you will improve your art. This eBook is packed with things I had to research over the past few years and with that also a lot of trial and error.

With implementing these simple steps I am able to create art I am happy with and most important I create work that feels like me. There's nothing more empowering than exactly knowing your own skills. 

From Color To Canvas is a must for every beginner and hobby artist. 

After reading this eBook you'll be able to implement the things you've learned and evolve your own art.


I'll take you with me through the entire process from finding inspiration to photograph the finished piece. 

We cover the basics of color theory and all you need to know about a strong composition, especially mistakes you want to avoid in your paintings.

Checklists how to improve your art immediately and about telling if a painting finished and good.


I'm painting since I can remember, mostly self taught and my love for abstract art evolved early on. 

I few months ago I began to think about ways to help people who would love to learn more about the whole painting process. I tried to figure out how I could share with you what I've learned along the way. 

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Still not sure if this eBook is for you?

Well, it is for you if ...

... you are a beginner or hobby artist.

... you want to know more about color theory and composition.

... you want to share your work on social media.

... you want to take your art to the next level.

... you are looking for tips to improve your art immediately.

... you have been searching for a compact source of basic knowledge.

... you are looking for easy and digestible, but valuable content.

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normal price
 Fr. 35.-

available for only 
Fr. 19.99

Due to nature of digital downloads, all sales are final and nonrefundable.

Some more questions to answer

Is this eBook for me?

The eBook "From Color To Canvas" is a must for every beginner and hobby artist.

How much does the eBook cost?

The price for this eBook is Fr. 19.99 at the moment. The price will increase soon!

Do you offer refunds?

Due to digital nature of this download, all sales are final and your order is non refundable. You'll get immediate access to the eBook after purchase.

Do I need to be an artist?

No, absolutely not! This course is for every beginner and hobby artist, who would love to improve their art. 

I still have some questions, what do I do now?

I'm very happy to help you, please email me under info@nicalier-fineart.com.

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